Meet The Safeguarding Team

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Miss Leighton

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Assistant Principal

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Mrs Leighton

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Head of School


Mrs Preece

Deputy Designated

Safeguarding Lead

, Designated Teacher for CLA and Assistant Principal

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Mrs Boughton

Deputy Designated Governor for Safeguarding & Designated Governor for LAC/PLAC


Mrs Rouane

Deputy Designated

Safeguarding Lead

Safeguarding Support


Mr Wilkinson

Named Safeguarding Governor

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Mr Carr

Deputy Designated

Safeguarding Lead

Prevent Lead

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Mrs Woodhall

Deputy Designated

Safeguarding Lead

Outreach Lead


Miss McCabe

Deputy Designated

Safeguarding Lead

Attendance Lead


What is prevent

Prevent is part of the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy, CONTEST. Its aim is to
stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. Prevent will address all forms
of terrorism but continue to prioritise according to current threat levels. It’s about
minimising the risk of people supporting extremist ideologies which espouse violence
and terrorism. As such Prevent is an early intervention tool most commonly in the
form of education, dialogue and mentoring, aiming to reduce the likelihood of
terrorist or other violent actions in the future. 

Prevent is just one of four elements which make up the Government’s Counter
Terrorism Strategy comprising of four key elements:
Pursue: to stop terrorist attacks
Protect: to strengthen our physical infra-structure against a terrorist attack, and
Prepare: to mitigate the impact of a terrorist attack
Prevent: to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. 

Operation Encompass

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Domestic abuse is a crime and occurs across all of society, it can happen to anyone. It can include physical violence, sexual assault and rape, verbal abuse, humiliation, not allowing people to see family and friends, threats to take away children, stalking, and denial of medical care and threat of deportation.


Operation Encompass, a partnership between South Yorkshire Police and Education, has been designed to provide support for any child in school who may be affected by a domestic abuse incident where the police have attended.

A key safeguarding member of staff in school will be informed when a domestic abuse incident has been recorded within the previous 24 hours or over the weekend. This will enable school to monitor children possibly affected and, where required, support if necessary. This will remain confidential; no information about specific incidents is shared with school. The school will, however, be able to make provision for possible difficulties experienced by children who have been involved in, affected by, or witnessed a domestic abuse incident.

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SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service)

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The child’s welfare is of paramount importance. Our school will establish and maintain an ethos where pupils feel secure, are encouraged to talk, are listened to and are safe. Children at our school will be able to talk freely to any member of staff if they are worried or concerned about something.


‘Everyone’ who comes into contact with children and their families has a responsibility in safeguarding children. It is important for children to receive the ‘right help at the right time’ to address risks and prevent issues escalating. All staff are advised to maintain an attitude of ‘it could happen here’ where safeguarding is concerned.


All staff and regular visitors will, through training and induction, know how to recognise indicators of concern, how to respond to a disclosure from a child and how to record and report this information. We will not make promises to any child and we will not keep secrets. Every child will know what the adult will have to do with any information they have chosen to disclose.


Throughout our curriculum we will provide activities and opportunities for children to develop the skills they need to identify risks and stay safe. This will also be extended to include material that will encourage our children to develop essential life skills. Throughout our curriculum we will provide activities and opportunities for children to develop the skills they need to identify risks and stay safe. This will also be extended to includematerial that will encourage our children to develop essential life skills. Pupils have weekly PHSE lessons focusing on topics such as- the caring school. Feelings friends and friendship, growing and changing, me, my community and the environment, the world of drugs focus on outdoors, loss separation and relationships all aimed at ensuring our pupils develop skills to identify risks and know who they can talk to for support. We also teach a topic entitled KEEPING MYSELF SAFE- which covers E-safety the real and virtual world, how can I contact people who can help me? Using email safely. We have weekly LIFE SKILLS sessions that focus on preparing our pupils with key skills to enable them to function in society after life at Milton. Pupils in Upper School attend Crucial Crew educational visits to explore safety issues and risks alongside other agencies such as the police, ambulance and fire service.


At all times we will work in partnership and endeavour to establish effective working relationships with parents, carers and colleagues from other agencies in line with Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018).




For any safeguarding concerns please email where our safeguarding team will be able to help.


On discovery or suspicion of a safeguarding concern you must

• Listen and only ask questions to clarify what has been said

• Must NOT promise confidentiality

• Speak to the DSL or a DDSL immediately

• Record your concerns on CPOMS and alert the DSL/DDSL

If you have concerns about a staff member, contact the Head of School

If you have concerns about the Head of School, contact the Chair of Governors


If you have reason to believe a child is at immediate risk of harm, contact the police on 999


MASH: 01709 336080