Robot Competition 4th February

The Yorkshire Regional Vex robotics Competition took place at the AMRC Advanced Manufacturers Research Centre. There were a total of 13 teams taking part.

The competition is played on a 8 ft by 4 ft field and the aim is to score as many points as possible within 60 seconds, orange balls score 1 point when inside the cubes. Blue cubes score 10 points if positioned into the blue corner, Red cubes score 10 points if positioned into the red corner, and Green cubes are scored 20 points if lifted and placed onto any of the 3 green platforms.

Milton teams robot scoring a 20 point green cube!

Qualifications over and Milton are placed in 5th place going through to the finals with a team alliance with Wath C of E school.

The finals - teams work together in pairs to set the highest score, the highest score set in the finals matches are crowned the winners and get a place through to the UK Nationals.

The first match is played with teams in 12th and 11th- scored 10 points

10th and 9th score 30 points

8th and 7th score 41 points

6th and 5th Milton school

This was Miltons finals match with 17 seconds left, 2 green cubes,1 blue cube, 1 red cube currently scored 60 points. Both robots have hold of the remaining red and blue cube hoping to reach the other end of the field to score another 20 points.

DISASTER - one of the green cubes was knocked off loosing the 20 point points- they continued on to score the red and blue cubes.

TIME UP - Score tallied up, 1 green cube (20 Points) 2 blue cubes (10 points x2), 2 red cubes (10 points x2), 1 orange ball inside a cube (1 point), total 61 points

6th and 5th Milton school score 61 points

4th and 3rd score 0 points under pressure went for lifting the green cubes and kept knocking them off

just 2nd and 1st to go to see if milton can keep the highest score and go through to the Nationals. They get 2 green cubes scored on platforms, go for the red and blue cubes to score another 10 points for each cube, totaling 60 points just 1 point away from matching Miltons 61 points. With time on the clock they go for the last red and blue cube hoping to score 80 points but again knock a green cube off, they manage to score the red and blue cubes but not any balls so have a total of 60 points, one robot tries frantically to score the green cube back on the platform whilst the other robot tries to score a ball but the buzzer goes! Milton and Wath C of E jump up and down realising they have the highest score!

Milton are the Teamwork champions on the day and receive their trophy and a place to the Nationals in March!

Well done Team Milton