Computing Resources & Links

Computing Resources 

Pupils are encouraged to access these online resources to support their remote learning. 

These resources will support pupils computational thinking (thinking more logically, following order and rules in a process, and understanding this is how computers work) 

  • Scratch cloud (Online Scratch to support programming)  

Type Scratch in google and select the first link. 

Pupils can create simple programs using either a new program or using existing programs. 

Pupils can access videos tutorials with step-by-step guidance for them to follow. 

  • Barefoot Computing  

Primary computing resources that pupils and parents can access. 

  • Code a cake  

Pupils can access an interactive game allowing them to code a cake, helping to improve resilience and computational thinking (logical thinking, like a computer) 

  • STEM Learning (Science/Technology/Engineering/Maths)  

Resources to support pupils learning online. 

  • BBC Bitesize – Computing and ICT (Information Communication Technology)  

Resources to support pupils learning online. 

  • iCompute-UK  

Resources to support pupils learning online. 

  • BBC Website  

Resources to support pupils learning online. 


  • Ilearn2  

Resources to support pupils learning online. 

  • ICT in schools  

Resources to support pupils learning online. 

  • Computing at Schools (CAS)  

Resources to support more advanced skills and knowledge.  

Coding and access to online live sessions from experts. 

  • Code Academy  

  • Logic Labs  

Interactive games teaching pupils programming concepts and logic games. Focus more on hardware and programming for more advanced learning. 

  • Light Bot  

A fun, interactive game supporting pupils logical thinking and computational skills online. 

Program the light bot through a maze, to light up blue squares. 

PE Resources



Fun football activities from Kixx

They have lots of sessions and challenges for our children to be doing at home whilst we’re in lockdown, have a look and use some of the sessions as part of the children's physical development activities.

Here’s the link to their youtube page.


Phonics Resources

For schools - Twitter post with times FI

Daily lessons throughout the summer term
Join in daily Letters and Sounds Phonics lessons on YouTube throughout the summer term. Designed and delivered by experts, our lessons use the Letters and Sounds programme and have been funded by the Department for Education. Click here for the YouTube channel